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Our commitment to quality
The company is ISO 9001 registered (certificate number GB00317) which is TUV assessed and any additional customer quality requirements can easily be incorporated into the existing system. Jonic Engineering is totally committed to excellence in its quality systems and over the years has established a reputation for producing high quality products.

We have fully documented quality procedures with stringent quality checks specified throughout manufacturing process. All our measuring equipment is fully calibrated through a formal system of control. Every cylinder is proof tested prior to leaving our works and checked to ensure it fully meets our customer's specification. Throughout our quality procedures there is a 'Corrective Action' Reporting System' where assessment and action must be taken to prevent problems re-occurring.

Our suppliers are all continually assessed to ensure bought out parts and materials fully adhere to our specified standards of quality.

Jonic Engineering Limited, Speedwell Road, Hay Mills Birmingham B25 8EU
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